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The Amazing Spider-Man

Posted: August 12, 2012 by pacsack in Movie reviews
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ImageAfter a rather disappointing ending of Sam Raimi’s trilogy about Spider-Man, both skepticism and hope about a fresh, new start was related to ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’. First and foremost, questions like how necessary this reboot actually is has been discussed since the announcement. It’s just five years since the previous trilogy ended, so in which extent has the director Marc Webb actually proven it was worth it?

Well, while the main fundation obviously still is the same, this movie stands on its own pretty well. Again it’s about Peter Parker, an intelligent outcast in high school who has lived with his aunt and uncle after the parents left him in a rather mysterious way when he was little. Suddenly he discovers some old documents revealing his father’s position in a huge project about giving humans animal powers; his curiosity leads him to Oscorp where he’s bitten by an extraordinary spider after sneaking into a forbidden area, and after getting contact with his father’s old colleague Dr. Connors the project is back on track again. However, a great breakthrough provides Dr. Connors a possibilty to get back his lost arm grown back, but something goes terribly wrong, and along with the birth of Spider-Man he becomes Peter’s greatest enemy in the form of a gigantic lizard. 

As you probably have noticed already, it takes a little while for the movie to emerge into superhero-mode. The first  part of the movie instead focuses on Peter Parker, how he handles the reveals and his school- love- and family-life. While this is quite understandable in terms of the necessity of getting a little insight to the characters’ lives, it has been laid to much emphasis on this part of the movie to actually get the main-part exciting enough. A well thought out balance between the two pretty different parts is missing, and it’s especially the bad guy – The Lizard a.k.a. Dr. Connors – who gets to pay for this. Instead of getting him to develop into an interesting villain like for instance Chrisopher Nolan has made so well in his Batman-movies, the little attention he gets leaves him behind as a rather forgettable character. This is really a shame, cause Rhys Infans’ playing gives the character a great deal with potential.

Accompanied by some tearings and devastations of things in his house resulted by his new inhuman strength, a scene where Peter uncontrolled beats up a whole bunch of people at the metro makes up for the first signs of action in the movie. The transformation scenes are tremendous, but the action-scenes further out in the movie doesn’t actually add the tension and intensity I’m looking for. ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ unfortunately never gets exciting enough, just because Spider-Man and his more dangerous problems doesn’t get enough attention – although the ending is pretty thrilling.

Due to the fact that the reason for this is a lack of balance, and not necessarily something about the first part, Peter’s normal life actually is pretty entertaining to follow. Peter is played by Andrew Garfield, which does a noticeably better job than his predecessor Toby Maguire to portrait Peter. The stereotypical, insecure nerd we saw last time, is replaced with a much more realistic character which is way more down to earth. It’s noticeable that the director Marc Webb has taken his experience from his romantic comedy ‘(500) Days of Summer’ on when one sees Peter’s credible relationship to his uncle (Martin Sheen) and his crush (Emma Stone), whose police-father is hunting down – yes, you guessed right – Spider-Man. The whole bunch of characters are characterized by credible playing, which helps getting this aspect to feel more genuine and recognizable than it was in the previous trilogy.

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ doesn’t either remain as a breakthough, a great surprise or a great lift-up for Spider-Man, but it’s definitely good entertainment. While the superhero himself and his agenda doesn’t get enough attention to get me engaged enough, the role-playing is still is pretty impressive, the story behind Spider-Man is way more interesting this time, and parts like the transformation-scenes and the last minutes lifts the movie a few notches. It just doesn’t feel enough.

Pros: Impressive role-performances, well-made drama-part, entertaining transformation-scenes, interesting origin-story

Cons: Too little attention towards the superhero-part, which leaves the potential of many action-scenes and the bad guy behind


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