Constants – Pasiflora

Posted: August 7, 2012 by brzm in Reviews
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ImageIn this vast void of metal music, there are many bands that wishfully try to blend and merge different genres. Some more successful than others. This constant evolution within metal music has brought diversity in the metal scene. One such band that fusion different styles into a semi-metal, semi-rock outfit is Constants.

They have earlier in their career gained some media covering, especially after their second EP when they toured for 10 months in an ecological bus which ran on vegetable oil. Now, these eco-concerned indie metal pioneers has released Pasiflora. An album which the concept revolves around the beauty in nature and flowers.

As aforementioned Constants blends different styles into a metal/rock sound. This includes the dreamy vocals of shoegaze, the constrast in harmonic sounds which are found in post-rock, and also some spaced out elements inspired by such as Pink Floyd.

Pasiflora opens with Sunrise. A concept which represents the start of something new. The sound is rather light and gives an impression of dusk with a rising sun. In contrast we can find the song Sunset. This song actually appears a little over halfways in the album and not at the end, which I found a bit weird. It is a one minute ambient track with vague drumming in the background. This song works as an interlude rather than an ending.

Following up after Sunrise comes two songs that are a little under four minutes in length each, Hourglass and Passenger. Hourglass isn’t really that interesting allthough it has some nice guitar lines in the latter half of the song. Passenger opens up with dreamy synths and you can really notice that there’s a lot of layers here. Mourning is the fourth song and probably my favourite from the album. The vocals here are an utmost soothing collaboration with atmospheric and spaced out melodies. It has a length of five minutes which gives some room for progression and build-ups towards the tranquil climax.

The album continues with Beautiful and Pressure. Up to this point the flaws begin to emerge. Allthough peaceful vocal lines and a distinct sound personalizes this album, I do find it to be lacking variation. The songs sound to similiar to each other with little variation in drumming patterns and vocal techniques. Which results in the album being too much of a good thing. After the interlude, Sunset, the album continues with its three last songs: Austere, 1985 and Crosses. Austere is a very mellow track, both instrumentally and vocally. It do expand and has a little over two-minute build-up, but the climax are far from bombastic and explosive.

While 1985 is forgetable, the last song – Crosses – seems to take a different approach. It doesn’t feel as dreamy as the rest of the album, which is a good thing as you’ve probably been fed up with to much sugar-sweet melodies at this point. It do contain the same kind of vocals, but it utilizes some different techniques and sound which has been absent from the rest of the album.

Even though Pasiflora has some flaws and can sometimes sound a bit too sweet for its own good, it’s no doubt a record that has its distinct style and good moments. Most definately worth checking out if you are a fan of shoegaze. Even if you are not, you should still give this album a chance as it is quite digestible.

Recommended tracks: Mourning, Austere, Crosses.


Martin Sollien


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